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Dutchman Flat, Central Oregon


You've successfully stumbled onto my home page, mostly it's about me, which may seem a bit egocentric, but I suppose that is what homepages are all about. At least this way when you get bored you can click away to some more exciting site whereas if you had to listen to me give you a rambling monologue about my life, a tactful escape would be a little more difficult. Actually I created this site primarily to keep my family and friends up to date while I travelled in South America last year and to use as an online resume. I also thought that cyberspace would be a safe place to record some of my journal notes in case I dropped my diary over the side of a canoe into the murky depths of a tributary of the Amazon. You can read bits from my Wanderings Page (if you should find yourself with an excess of free time) Unfortunately, since the Internet is still public domain, I had to censor out some of the most interesting, romantic and mischievous incidents so you will have to pry those from my lips in person, hint: a pint of Black Butte Porter tends to help.

After a few months of culture shock and some great skiing I started working for the Northwest Youth Corps this summer. To see some of my photos from our first session Click Here .I'll be working out in the woods for the next few months so I do apologize if I don't call or e-mail very often this summer and through the fall.